November 24th, The DG Special Live! at The Rec Room! Episode #2! 8pm. Tickets are $15 in advance.

Out of the living room and into the world! The DG Special, Toronto's favourite comedy & variety show, is now LIVE at The Rec Room! Join host Dan Galea w/ Josh Finkelman, DJ Wexel and a fantastic line-up of special guests! 19+

This months show is on November 24th at 8pm (Doors at 7:30) and features Stand-Up by Pat Thornton & Dawn Whitwel, Performances by Marty Topps and Def of Knowledge, Special guest Daryn Mcintyre, Videos from Dan Tahmizian plus musical guest Alli Sunshine!

Tickets here:

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Tonight! Its #TheDanGaleaAwards!

TONIGHT!!! 11pm Comedy Bar its THE 2017 DAN GALEA AWARDS! Everything goes to The Riverdale Housing Action Group! So far we've raised $325 but we can do better, donate at this page: if you can't do it online just come to the show and donate there!!! This years show features Gary Rideout Jr., Mark Andrada, Gavin Crawford, Danny Polishchuk, Matt King, Pat Thornton, Maggie Bologna, Kris Siddiqi, Laura Cilevitz, Hannan Younis, Bryn Pottie, Dan Taz, Marty Topps, Aaron Eves, Evany Rosen, Stephanie Kaliner, James Hartnett, Miguel Rivas, Freddie Rivas, Thomas Rivas, Helder Brum, Josh Finkelman, Laura Bee, Nick Di Gaetano, Kevin Mendes, Jackie Pirico, Sandra Battaglini, Phil Luzi, plus videos by Brian Barlow, Andrew Bush and videos featuring Chris Wilson, Andrew McLean Chapman, Nicky Nasrallah, Alex Tindal, Matt Folliott, Steve Boleantu (A Shoddy Magician), The Cast of Fast and Furious 8 and Guardians of the Galaxy 2! Be there or be a triangle dipped in boogers. Peace.

Buy Tickets in advance here: ($10 in advance)



This year there are three ways to get a Dan Galea Award, here they are!

Way #1 - Go to the #DanGaleaAwards donations page and donate to the RHAG Riverdale Housing Action Group here:…/the-dan-galea-awards…/x/8014321

Way #2 - Tune into The DG Special this Wednesday at 9pm on FB LIVE and with this weeks guests Paul BelliniDarryl ThomasDinnRob Baker, Jan Caruana, Alice Wetterlund and music from The Meligrove Band!!! Make sure you comment or ask a question if you want an award!!!

Way #3 - Come to Comedy Bar on Friday May 12th for the Live THE 2017 DAN GALEA AWARDS! With so many amazing acts it would literally take forever to write them all! Check the event dude! Get tickets here:

This week I'll be cooking up Awards 3 ways.

Join me won't you. Bon appetit!


This Season of the The DG Special will include a literal smorgasbord of funny people, like Colin Mochrie, Deb McGrath, Aurora Brown, Ed The Sock, Ennis Esmer, Nirvana The Band The Show (Jay Mccarol and Matt Johnson), Dan Redican, Paul Bellini, Nikki Payne, Bob Kerr, Fraser Young, Alex Tindal, Matt Folliott, The Shoddy Magician, Definition of Knowledge (Bryn Pottie & Hannan Younis), Boyd Banks, Becky Johnson, Tal Zimerman, Sara Hennessey, Phil Luzi, Sandra Battaglini, Greg Cochrane, Rob Bebenek, Tony Lombardo, Darryl Dinn, Steven J. Kerzner, Jan Caruana, Tim Gilbert, Rodrigo Fernandez Stoll, Chris Wilson, Nelu Handa, Aisha Brown, Christophe Davidson, Courtney Gilmour, Mikaela Dyke, Rob Baker K Trevor Wilson and Pat Thornton

Not to mention the sweet musical stylings of The Meligrove Band, Chantale Renee, Bob Wiseman, Language Arts, Sean Pinchin, Alex J. Squire, Jackie Pirico and Nick Rose!

Season starts Wednesday April 12th at 9pm right here on facebook live via my page, The DG Special, The Dan Galea fan Page, and NOW ON THE FU_Network

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