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SEASON 3: Episode 12 - featuring Stand up from Bruce Mcculloch, Courtney Gilmour, Hisham Kelati, Magic by Yan Markson, Dancing by Tabitha Lupien Music by Nick Di Gaetano


ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY SHOW featuring Laura Cilevitz, Ben Miner, Tom Henry, Keith Pedro and music by Sean Pinchen,

Episode #10 - “The Real Eleven” featuring Garrett Jamieson, Anjelica Scannura, Brian ward, Carol Zoccoli, Gilson Lubin music by Sean Cullen

Episode #9 - "Return of Gorilla Sketch" featuring Pat Thornton, Arthur Simeon, DeAnne Smith, Hunter Collins, Videos by Dan Tahmizian and The Sentimentalists, music from Perfect Health


Episode #8 - "Haunted and Confused" - Chris Locke, D.J. Mausner, Daniel Woodrow, Freddie Rivas, Miguel Rivas & Emma Hunter, Garrett Jamieson, Videos by Cheap Smokes & Dan Tahmizian and Music by More Or Les!

Episode #7 - "Hack Attack" - Nick Reynoldson, Phil Luzi,  James Hartnett, Templeton Philmarmonic, Alex Tindal, Videos by Smear Balls & Dan Tahmizian, Music Quite Nice. 


EPISODE #6 - "Who's Show Is This Anyway" - Colin  Mochrie, Debra McGrath, Sandra Battaglini, Marito Antonio Lopez, Mike Rita, Garrett Jamieson, Yan Markson, Music by Nyssa! Videos by Dan Tahmizian!


EPIDSODE #5 - Northern Touched - Tim Gilbert Hoodo Hersi Vest of Friends Rodrigo Fernandez-Stoll plus Music from CHOCLAIR with TRPL shoe company! & Surprise Special Guests. Video's by Dan Tahmizian and Scott Vrooman

SEASON 3: Episode 4 - Magic Time - Sara Hennessey, Keith Pedro, Helder Brum, Mind sizzling improv from The Sufferettes (Kayla Lorette & Becky Johnson), Magic by The Sentimentalists, Videos by Dan Tahmizian plus music from Bunny! 


Season 3: Episode 3 - Holidazed - Featuring Chris Robinson, Jackie Pirico, Nick Di Gaetano, Kris Siddiqi, Inessa Frantowski & Sarah Hillier
Todd Graham as Santa! Videos by Dan Tahmizian and Music by Laura Barrett!



Season 3: Episode 2 - 2 Live Crew - Pat Thornton, Dawn Whitwell, Marty Topps, Daryn McIntyre, Definition of Knowledge, Alli Sunshine


Season 3: Episode 1 - We're LIve! - Sean Cullen, Aisha Brown, The Shoddy Magican, Tal Zimerman, Alex Tindal, Language Arts