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ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY SHOW featuring Laura Cilevitz, Ben Miner, Tom Henry, Keith Pedro and music by Sean Pinchen,

Episode #10 - “The Real Eleven” featuring Garrett Jamieson, Anjelica Scannura, Brian ward, Carol Zoccoli, Gilson Lubin music by Sean Cullen

Episode #9 - "Return of Gorilla Sketch" featuring Pat Thornton, Arthur Simeon, DeAnne Smith, Hunter Collins, Videos by Dan Tahmizian and The Sentimentalists, music from Perfect Health


Episode #8 - "Haunted and Confused" - Chris Locke, D.J. Mausner, Daniel Woodrow, Freddie Rivas, Miguel Rivas & Emma Hunter, Garrett Jamieson, Videos by Cheap Smokes & Dan Tahmizian and Music by More Or Les!

Episode #7 - "Hack Attack" - Nick Reynoldson, Phil Luzi,  James Hartnett, Templeton Philmarmonic, Alex Tindal, Videos by Smear Balls & Dan Tahmizian, Music Quite Nice. 


EPISODE #6 - "Who's Show Is This Anyway" - Colin  Mochrie, Debra McGrath, Sandra Battaglini, Marito Antonio Lopez, Mike Rita, Garrett Jamieson, Yan Markson, Music by Nyssa! Videos by Dan Tahmizian!


EPIDSODE #5 - Northern Touched - Tim Gilbert Hoodo Hersi Vest of Friends Rodrigo Fernandez-Stoll plus Music from CHOCLAIR with TRPL shoe company! & Surprise Special Guests. Video's by Dan Tahmizian and Scott Vrooman

SEASON 3: Episode 4 - Magic Time - Sara Hennessey, Keith Pedro, Helder Brum, Mind sizzling improv from The Sufferettes (Kayla Lorette & Becky Johnson), Magic by The Sentimentalists, Videos by Dan Tahmizian plus music from Bunny! 


Season 3: Episode 3 - Holidazed - Featuring Chris Robinson, Jackie Pirico, Nick Di Gaetano, Kris Siddiqi, Inessa Frantowski & Sarah Hillier
Todd Graham as Santa! Videos by Dan Tahmizian and Music by Laura Barrett!



Season 3: Episode 2 - 2 Live Crew - Pat Thornton, Dawn Whitwell, Marty Topps, Daryn McIntyre, Definition of Knowledge, Alli Sunshine


Season 3: Episode 1 - We're LIve! - Sean Cullen, Aisha Brown, The Shoddy Magican, Tal Zimerman, Alex Tindal, Language Arts

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