This year there are three ways to get a Dan Galea Award, here they are!

Way #1 - Go to the #DanGaleaAwards donations page and donate to the RHAG Riverdale Housing Action Group here: https://www.generosity.com/…/the-dan-galea-awards…/x/8014321

Way #2 - Tune into The DG Special this Wednesday at 9pm on FB LIVE and www.DanGalea.ca with this weeks guests Paul BelliniDarryl ThomasDinnRob Baker, Jan Caruana, Alice Wetterlund and music from The Meligrove Band!!! Make sure you comment or ask a question if you want an award!!!

Way #3 - Come to Comedy Bar on Friday May 12th for the Live THE 2017 DAN GALEA AWARDS! With so many amazing acts it would literally take forever to write them all! Check the event dude! Get tickets here:http://comedybar.ca/show.php?Event_ID=7733

This week I'll be cooking up Awards 3 ways.

Join me won't you. Bon appetit!


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