Tonight! Its #TheDanGaleaAwards!

TONIGHT!!! 11pm Comedy Bar its THE 2017 DAN GALEA AWARDS! Everything goes to The Riverdale Housing Action Group! So far we've raised $325 but we can do better, donate at this page: if you can't do it online just come to the show and donate there!!! This years show features Gary Rideout Jr., Mark Andrada, Gavin Crawford, Danny Polishchuk, Matt King, Pat Thornton, Maggie Bologna, Kris Siddiqi, Laura Cilevitz, Hannan Younis, Bryn Pottie, Dan Taz, Marty Topps, Aaron Eves, Evany Rosen, Stephanie Kaliner, James Hartnett, Miguel Rivas, Freddie Rivas, Thomas Rivas, Helder Brum, Josh Finkelman, Laura Bee, Nick Di Gaetano, Kevin Mendes, Jackie Pirico, Sandra Battaglini, Phil Luzi, plus videos by Brian Barlow, Andrew Bush and videos featuring Chris Wilson, Andrew McLean Chapman, Nicky Nasrallah, Alex Tindal, Matt Folliott, Steve Boleantu (A Shoddy Magician), The Cast of Fast and Furious 8 and Guardians of the Galaxy 2! Be there or be a triangle dipped in boogers. Peace.

Buy Tickets in advance here: ($10 in advance)

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